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Dual Wan

Dual Wan

What is a Dual WAN router?

The dual WAN router is a security appliance that allows you to stay connected to the Internet even if you main ISP goes offline. In order to achieve this you will need to have a second ISP connection. This can include:

  • DSL provider
  • Cable provider
  • Satellite ISP provider
  • Wireless ISP provider

When the main Internet connection goes offline the second ISP connection is switched to immediately and everyone continues to work... business as usual.


Refers to the network encompassing two internet / widea area network connections using one or more routers to work. Dual-WAN links connects your networks via two separate modems or routers (cable modem or DSL modem) for dual ISP connections. Here WAN modem M1 stays in ‘active’ state and WAN modem M2 takes over the operations only when M1 fails. The purpose of Dual WAN is effective and efficient in current scenario and the reason is self-explanatory.

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