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Cut Printing Cost

Easy way to cut printing cost: 

Printing cost could be considerable at home and small business office

Printer Ink only is more expensive than Gasoline. Printer Ink could be cost $0.64/ml = $2422.00/gal and much more.

Cost of paper, and printer maintenance are expensive. How much you expend by year when you aren't in control of what and how your family or employees are printing?

Did you know you'll quickly pay at least ten times the cost of your original printer purchase just buying replacement printer ink cartridges?

An ink cartridge for that printer in your home or office is probably the most expensive component in your entire computing workflow.

  • To reduce the printing costs in your home/organization, the best solution is to educate your family /workforce on understanding you network printing rules restrintion, printing management and printer control monitor, printer job logs surveillance.
  • Do family members want to print a hard copy of every things? Is they like to show photos or others documents, you can educate to use the local network resource and how to share the photos and others documents or presentation.
  • Did you realize that yours employees are printing personal papers in your business?
  • Do employees want to print a hard copy of that email message, chat or social networks?
  • Is it essential to distribute the PowerPoint training material or other products/services presentation in paper format when it’s always available on the company’s intranet?
  • First, if possible, switch to a Laser Printer. Generally, the entry price of an Inkjet printer is less than that of a Laser but you will definitely save in the long run because the cost of printing per page is lower in the case of Laser Printers. Other than the cost factor, the speed of printing documents and print quality are much better in Lasers.
  • Printing content from web pages and blogs is a big problem because most of online content is not optimized for printing and so you end up printing graphics, navigation bars, advertisements, footers and other stuff that serves no purpose other than wasting your precious ink and paper.

That said, a Paperless Office is not a dream today. It's possible!

Home and business can go as paperless or at least 90% paperless that is a big saving and contribution to maintain our planet green!

There are always valid instances when we cannot do without printing a document on paper. And that’s where we need to master a few simple things, outlined here, that can drastically reduce the overall printing/photocopy cost in the easy and inexpensive way (and even improve your bottom line).

  • Manage, Control and Monitor your's existing printers, photocopiers, fax and/or Multifunction machines. At least put your machines in a controled room. Why to have one printer on every PC?
  • Use your existing network resources services enviroment either a client/server network, or a peer to peer network a simple solution hardware or software can help you, why not use a simple PC as a Print server role or a Real Print Server?
  • You can use inexpensives monocrome wired or wireless Laser printer for the day to day printing papers that dosn't need an expensive color printer
  • Or you can use inexpensive multifuntion monochrome network printer or all in one that is capable of color scanning to any computer/or central computer on your network  or sccannig to email.
  • If you have and scanner why to send color papers printing to your customers, friends or family members if you can scan documents to pdf or send nice photos images to all the places.
  • Of course if you planning to go paperless buy a more expensive dedicated scanner, becouse a simple inexpensive multifunction might not support a heavy job load and speed needed.
  • If you need to print a presentation or nice document why not use the duplex option of your printer or photocopier
  • If you go paperless or not, don't forget your backup and disaster recovery plan,remember that BACKUP IS A MUST! Local & Offsite Backup Small Office Storage server
  • If your paper volume is large you could need a Document Management Software solution to help you quickly find documents and files, secure documents access, information capture, instant document search and record retrieval, and information distribution, integration with microsoft office applications and email.

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