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Data Recovery

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Data recovery

All HARD DRIVE, CD, DVD, MEMORY STICK, USB DRIVE, SIM CARD will crash one way or another for some reazon.

  • File Deletion
  • Virus Attack
  • Boot Sector Corruption
  • Partition Removal
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Reformatting
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage

If you loss your data files, photos, accounting, invoices, contracts, trade secrets and other files that are essential for doing business and other important information, or your hard disk fail definitively, and you don't have your computer backed or imaged up to date. Let us to do the first intent to recuperate your main data, family photos or memories, and other important documents.

We only charge for data recovered. If no data is recovered, no fee will be charge, our policy is No Fix No Fee! If we can't help you do not pay anything! 

If your hard drive or storage media is damaged to physical level, our partner Datalab, Inc. with their highly trained data recovery engineers, using advanced recovery methods can replace parts such as drive heads and chips, and then recalibrate and rewrite the firmware to get your hard drive reading so we can recover your data.  

Data Test and Recovery

Data Recovery Services:

Computer Data Recovery

  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Email Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • Database Recovery
  • Encrypted Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

  • Desktop Recovery
  • Laptop Recovery
  • Mobile Device Recovery
  • Flash Drive Recovery
  • USB Drive Recovery
  • SIM Card Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • SATA Recovery
  • NTFS Recovery
  • SCSI Recovery
  • Seagate Data Recovery

Operating System Recovery 

  • Windows Recovery
  • Apple Recovery
  • Linux Recovery

Removable Media Recovery:

  • DVD Recovery
  • CD Recovery
  • Memory Stick Recovery
  • Zip Disk Recovery

Digital Photo Recovery:

  • Recover Deleted Photos From Camera
  • Recover Deleted Photos From Hard Disk
  • Recover Deleted Photos From Memory Card

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