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Computer Diagnostic

Computer Diagnostic

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Computer Diagnostic

We'll come to You for a computer diagnostic and cost estimate before begining a reparation or job requested. Computer diagnostic and estimate are free of charge, if the job is made for us.

Whether your computer, desktop, laptop PC, tablet PC, server just crashed or you note any of the following faults, contact us before you loss your data files, photos and other important information, or just before your hard disk fail definitively, or your proccessor or mother board burn or die.

Common computers faults:

  • Computer running slow
  • Slow start up
  • Slow shutdown
  • Pop-up Advertisements all the time
  • Redirection to other web sites
  • Fake security alerts(mimicking Microsoft or well known AntiVirus)
  • A fatal exception error has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxxxx
  • Windows runtime errors
  • Dll error
  • Exe error
  • Computer freeze
  • Programm not responding
  • Computer restart frecuently
  • Windows restarts without warning
  • Computer turns off without warning
  • Unexpected shutdown or freeze
  • Blue screen with white text message
  • Black screen with error message
  • Blak screen with command pront only
  • Not a valid win32 application.
  • Missing Microsoft Windows .dll files
  • Missing or lost sound in Windows
  • No display on the monitor
  • Mouse not being detected in Windows
  • Erratic mouse movements
  • Other peripheral no detected, USB, CD, DVD, Printers, Scanner
  • Strange Noises and Vibrations
  • Computer overheating

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