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Sofware Installations and Uninstallation

Installing programs on your computer is a task seemingly easy and automatic, if you follow the installation instructions and your computer complies with the requirements of the program to install. At the same time installing and uninstalling of programs is one of the major causes of registry corruptions on computers, in other cases free internet downloaded software installations is the major causes of adaware, malware, spyware, virus and other malicious softwares.

Take Care when install software downloaded from internetDon’t click, click, click! Read Carefully becouse you are authorizing to install unwanted software, unnecesary tools bars and vendors advertizing adds and others crap software in the best case, and in many case spyware and malware.

ElectronicsJR can help you with the installation and/or removal of any program from System Software to Standard Aplication Software & Speciality/Proprietary Applications Software

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