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Powerline Network or HomePlug Technology

HomePlug Technology


With HomePlug technology we can use your home electrical wires to interconnect or network your computers, printers and other peripherals, distribute broadband internet, HD video, digital music & smart energy applications and integrate with your wireless network.

IPVT Powerline network

HomePlug products that combine Wi-Fi wireless networking. This means that you can extend your wireless network to high performance anywhere in your home.

Let us test your home electrical system to know if it can support the homeplug technology.

  • HDTV Networking
  • IPTV from Service Providers
  • Whole-Home Audio
  • Home Gaming
  • Smart Grid / Smart Energy

Homeplug gaming

Connecting a game console such as an XBox 360, Wii, or PS3 to the Internet can be a challenge when the game console and TV aren't located in the same room as the Internet router or broadband gateway.

Russoun Topology over power line

Music, Intercom, Surveillance & Control over Powerlines

Connects the CD player, the iPod dock, the receiver, the speakers, the amplifiers, and even libraries of songs housed on computers and NAS servers. With HomePlug technology, all of these components work together to form a single system -- playing multi-zone music throughout the home.

Smart Grid over power line

Smart Grid / Smart Energy

In the home, the energy consumer can control plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging, smart energy devices such as smart appliances and programmable communicating thermostats (PCTs) attached to the home area network (HAN). This communications path between homes and utilities enables prepay services, user information and messaging, load control/demand response and HAN device firmware downloads.

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