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Whether your computer, desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, server, just crashed, showing a black or blue screen. We can fix any hardware and/or software issue related with your computer, devices and peripherals. ElectronicsJR can fix any hardware and/or software issue.

Common computers faults:

  • Windows restarts without warning
  • Computer turns off without warning
  • Unexpected shutdown or freeze
  • Blue screen with white text message
  • Black screen with error message
  • Blak screen with command pront only
  • Not a valid win32 application.
  • Missing Microsoft Windows .dll files
  • Missing or lost sound in Windows
  • No display on the monitor
  • Mouse not being detected in Windows
  • Erratic mouse movements
  • Other peripheral no detected, USB, CD, DVD, Printers, Scanner
  • Strange Noises and Vibrations
  • Computer overheating
  • Computer running slow
  • Slow start up
  • Slow shutdown
  • Pop-up Advertisements all the time
  • Redirection to other web sites
  • Fake security alerts(mimicking Microsoft or well known AntiVirus)
  • A fatal exception error has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxxxx
  • Windows runtime errors
  • Dll error
  • Exe error
  • Computer freeze
  • Programm not responding
  • Computer restart frecuently

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